Call for Papers

EDP University of Puerto Rico, Inc., invites you to the 1st International Congress of Health and Technology: Innovation in  Education  and Research (CISTEI, for the acronym in Spanish) in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The thematic areas are:

  1. Internationalization in Health
  2. New Technologies and Treatments in Health
  3. Psychosocial Aspects of Health
  4. Health and Public Policy
  5. New Pharmacologic Tendencies
  6. Standards for the Academic Formation of Health Professionals
  7. New Tendencies in Traditional and Complementary Medicine

(For a detailed explanation of the Thematic Areas, click here)

If you are interested in submitting a proposal in any of the above thematic areas, complete the application below no later than June 30, 2017.

Registration fees to enter the Congress are waivered upon the approval of submitted proposals. However, travel and lodging expenses are the attendee’s responsibility. EDP University of Puerto Rico will provide a digital projector, screen and laptop for all presentations. Steps for submitting your proposal: 

  1. Fill in the following application.
  2. Attach your proposal summary in Word format. It should not exceed 500 words. It is a summary of the themes and main points. Commercial, product or sponsor promotions are prohibited.
  3. Attach you Curriculum Vitae.

1. Internationalization in Health2. New Technologies and Treatments in Health3. Psychosocial Aspects of Health4. Health and Public Policy5. New Pharmacologic Tendencies6. Standards for the Academic Formation of Health Professionals7. New Tendencies in Traditional and Complementary Medicine

Additional Information: Presentations should be 20 minutes long, including a period for questions. Participants should be available to make their presentations on any of the days, between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. If the proposal in accepted, participants will be informed of the date and time of presentation. It is expected that presentations share research results, better practices and conceptual analyses. If your proposal is accepted, you will be asked to provide the following documents:

  • 2×2 photo, fit for a formal publication.
  • Article no longer than 2,000 words, including 250 word abstract.
  • Summary of your professional profile, no longer than 100 words.

For more information, you may contact:

Dr. Nydia N. Rivera Vera, Associate Vice President of Research, Academic Assessment and Institutional Development PO Box 192303 San Juan, Puerto Rico 000919 – 2303 Tel. (787) 765-3560 ext. 1400/ 1372/ 1377

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