About Us

The 1st International Congress of Health and Technology: Innovation in Education and Research was created by EDP University of Puerto Rico, Inc.



EDP University is a technological and socio- humanistic higher education Institution, leader in the education of professionals in the Arts, Sciences and Technology. We constitute a learning community that offers graduate and undergraduate academic programs that promote active learning and the integral development of students, as they are the center of the educational process.


EDP University aspires to be an Institution that achieves recognition in and outside of Puerto Rico, due to its innovate nature and flexible, non-traditional design, in which optimal use is made of information technology at the academic and administrative levels, integrating the Institution in the information society and adding value for its constituents.


Other Congresses 

EDP University of Puerto Rico, Inc. was home to the Segundo Congreso Latinoamericano de Investigación y Educación (Second Latin American Congress of Research and Education, CLIE for the acronym in Spanish) in 2014. Over 45 Latin-american universities and over 1,000 attendees from Puerto Rico’s academic sector participated in this event. More than 100 conferences where presented in the areas of Educational Research, Educational Leadership, Organizational Changes, Education with Human Quality and Internationalization Strategies. The signing of the Latin American Pact for Human Quality in Education also took place during the event.

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