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1st International Congress of Health and Technology Innovation in Education and Research

Date:  November 8 and 9, 2018

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Location: Sheraton Convention Center, San Juan Expected attendance: Representatives from various countries such as: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Spain, United States and Mexico, among others.   ¿What is CISTEI? The Congreso Internacional de Salud y Tecnología: Avances en la Educación y la Investigación (CISTEI) – International Congress of Health and Technology: Innovation in Education and Research,  was created in response to the continuous evolution in research, technology and education in the health field, and has the purpose of promoting and sharing knowledge to improve the quality of life.   Objective The aim of this conference is to bring together professionals, academics, clinicians and entities to present their research results as well as the integration of new technologies through different health fields and education. Our Island is both axis and participant of great transitions both in education and health becoming a beacon for internationalization. To these effects CISTEI has the purpose of being a bridge between countries to forge alliances in health, education, technology and research.   logo edp