Thematic Areas

The following thematic areas give direction to our Congress. The given operational definitions are not limiting, rather we want to focus on the elements in each of the following thematic areas:


  1. Internationalization in Health
    In a globalized world, access to information and innovation in technology and health has an immediate international effect. This is reflected in developments such as specialized centers and medical tourism. In this thematic area, the following topics are to be considered:

    • Human Service Organizations and Programs
    • Specialized Attention Centers
    • Medical Tourism


  1. New Technologies and Treatments in Health
    Chronic conditions affect the human being in different dimensions such as physical, psychological, social, family, work, economic and spiritual considerations.  On the other hand, we are living a historic moment in which technology has become one of the major elements to impact society and health concerns. This thematic area opens a door to proposals addressing research and new developments in technology as well as health treatments. For example, instruments developed to diagnose and evaluate different conditions, invasive and non-invasive instrumentation, and tools to help improve people’s quality of life and mental health treatments.


  1. Psychosocial Aspects of Health
    It is undeniable that all conditions have psychological symptomatology or comorbidity, as well as consequences in the immediate environment of the person, which can be the result of the condition or an intrinsic element of the illness. Under this thematic area it is expected to receive proposals of research and other works about psychosocial aspects directly related to physical conditions, their impact, and ways to identify and manage them in order to improve people’s quality of life.

    • Economy
    • Family
    • Mental Health


  1. Health and Public Policy
    The health field is quite broad and requires of different elements to have an optimal performance, which requires an active public policy adjusted to current needs and that has the capacity to be transformed in such a way as to insure wellbeing of all citizens. Also, it has to act on a strong ethical foundation. This thematic area will consider both quantitative and qualitative research proposals as well as studies in current health concerns portraying pertinent ethical dilemmas in this area. Proposals should reflect ethical and legal controversial issues such as those surrounding patients’ rights as the focus of attention.  In addition, innovative proposals on public policies and reforms to improve health conditions of different populations will be received.  It is important to mention that this thematic area has the purpose of creating consciousness on ethical aspects in a changing world with controversies, particularly in research and the development of new technologies.



  1. New Pharmacologic Tendencies
    It is well known that in the health field there is a continuous search for new and more effective treatments that improve health and the quality of life for all human beings. In this thematic area proposals on new treatment modalities for different conditions based on solid scientific knowledge will be received.


  1. Standards for the academic formation of health professionals
    Health, technology, education, and research are bonded in a special manner because they nurture each other in the development of a competent professional generation capable of adapting to the emergent needs in diverse branches of health. In this thematic area, proposals for new academic programs in diverse health fields such as, but not limited to, nursing, medicine, and psychology will be received.

    • Academic Programs
    • Higher Education


  1. New Tendencies in Traditional and Complementary Medicine
    The World Health Organization recognizes the need for researching and promoting the integration of traditional medicine, implemented at a cultural level in every country, in health undertakings. Under this thematic area, research on the integration of these modalities for the treatment of different conditions, proposals that demonstrate the integration of traditional and complementary medicine in academic development, as well as the promotion of healthy lifestyle strategies and the prevention of illness will be received.